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Lash Tile With Wrist Wrap - CLEARANCE

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Lash Faster & Save Time On Every Appointment

Fits both left and right hands.

Looking to speed up your lashing and save precious time?

Every time you pivot back to your lash strip you're wasting precious seconds.

Add each one of those wasteful movements up and you could be adding 5+ minutes to each lash appointment.

5+ minutes per appointment could be 30+ minutes per day (6 appointments).

Save 30+ minutes per day by simply changing to a lash tile with a wristband strap?

Yes, please!

Pro Tip: Combine with a disposable lash glue ring for the perfect setup for fast and stress free lash application.

  • One Size Fits All - Simply place your thumb through the thumb hole then wrap the wristband around your wrist and secure with the velcro end. Fits EVERY hand size and shape (including left & right) - guaranteed!
  • Velcro Backed Lash Tile - Place the lash palette anywhere on the wrist strap that works best for you. Experiment to find your favourite setup.
  • Generous 8 x 8 cm Size Lash Tile - Plenty of space on the lash tile for all your lash strips. Numbered from 8 to 15 so you don't have to waste time writing on any strips without printed lengths.
  • Breathable Neoprene Wrist Wrap - Comfortable on your skin while allowing it to breathe (and stops your wrist getting sweaty).
  • Lightweight Hand Tile - You'll barely notice the extra weight and your arm won't get tired.

Lash Tile: 8 x 8 cm
Wristband: 38.5 x 9 cm (when unrolled and laid flat)

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