Acrylic Lash Tile

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Get Your Lash Strips Organized For Faster Lashing

This handy acrylic lash tile has been carefully designed to make lashing faster and easier.

  • Generous Size Fits 10 Lash Strips - Fit all your different lengths so you save time during each lash appointment.
  • Labelled From 7mm to 16mm - No more handwriting lash lengths on each strip. Keep your lash strips organised and ready for your next client.
  • Lash Lengths Won't Wear Off - You'll never accidentally remove the lash length numbers or lines while cleaning as they're printed on the underneath of the lash tile!
  • Easy To Clean - Simply clean with warm water and a drop of dish soap to remove any leftover sticky residue.
  • Space For Curl & Thickness - Write the curl & thickness on a small piece of micropore tape, then simply peel and dispose when you're finished.

Pro Tip: Add a small jade stone sticker above your lash strips to keep your glue dot close to your lash strips.

Dimensions: 8 cm wide x 15 cm long x 0.5 cm thick

Customer Reviews

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Julie P.
Awesome service

Loved my order from lash pro I ordered the lash tile and it works good easy to put on and take off lash strips And so affordable will be ordering my supplies from here in future . They even put in a few little treats love it !