XL Lash Tile + Jade Stone

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Extra Large Lash Tile Fits XXL Strips or 2x Normal Strips.

Perfect for hybrid sets. Place your fans on one side and classic lashes on the other.

  • Made From High Quality Acrylic - Heavy enough to stay in place as you pluck lashes off each strip. Won't shatter like glass if dropped.
  • Includes Mini Jade Stone - The mini jade stone sits above your lashes in it's own little cubby hole and is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Increase Your Lashing Speed - This XL acrylic lash tile allows you to move from your lashes up to your lash glue and over to your client quickly and easily. Less wasted time while lashing = more money earned per appointment.
  • Handy Length Labels - Clearly labelled from 7mm to 15mm so you know the exact lash strip length at a glance, even if the strip isn't labelled.
  • 2 Curls or Thicknesses? No Problem! - Write your curl and thickness in the top corners so you don't forget in the middle of an appointment. Easily wipes off when finished (use non-permanent marker).
  • Generous XL Size - Measures 13cm x 13cm making it perfect for even the largest XXL lash strips (like our XXL Pre Made Volume Fans).
  • Easy To Clean - Smooth acrylic is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Get Organized - Impress your clients by keeping your lash strips clean and organized so you look prepared and professional.

Pro Tip: For super fast and easy cleanup, use a disposable jade stone sticker on the included mini jade stone.

Dimensions: 13cm long x 13 cm wide (0.8cm thick)

Included Jade Stone width: 2.5cm (half the width of a normal jade stone).

Material: Clear acrylic.

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