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Easy Fan Silicone Sticky Dot

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Quick & Easy Handmade Volume Fans

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Finding it difficult to create perfect volume fans by hand?

Maybe you're an experienced lash artist looking to save time when making your own handmade volume fans?

These handy little silicone sticky dots for lash extensions are loved by lash techs everywhere.

The sticky silicone surface helps you to create stunning volume fans quickly by allowing the lashes to easily open and fan out!

How To Use:

Simply place your desired number of lashes on the edge of the silicone pad with a firm press of your tweezers, then watch the lashes instantly fan out.

Adjust the spacing if needed then pickup the volume fan and dip in your lash glue dot.

If you're struggling with other handmade volume fan methods then give these little beauties a try!

Care Instructions:

To make the silicone dot sticky again, simply wash with soap and warm water then shake and allow to air dry.

Each volume lash sticky dot can be reused up to 15 times before they lose their stick.

Pro Tip: To prolong the stickiness of these silicone sticky dots, keep them away from dirt and dust. We recommend keeping them in the supplied resealable bag when you're not using them.

Dimensions: 4 cm wide

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kimi B.
Absolutely AMAZING

Thank you so much! Great service and next day delivery! So pleased with my purchase definitely recommend! ❤️❤️❤️

Easy Fan Silicone Dot

These are amazing to use for making fans, so easy and can be re-used