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Vetus MCS-19 Tweezers - Gold Chrome

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Genuine Vetus MCS-19 tweezers for applying eyelash extensions and shaping eyebrows.

Vetus MCS-19 lash tweezers have an angled tip making them a great universal lash tweezer. Perfect for classic and volume lash application.


  • Lightweight & Comfortable (low resistance) so your fingers and hands won't hurt after hours of use throughout your work day.
  • Swiss Quality gives you perfect precision and control during lash pickup, isolation and application.
  • Premium surgical grade Stainless Steel won't rust or corrode even after years of use.
  • Non-Corrosive & Anti-Magnetic.
  • Safe for sterilizing in a dry sterilizer or autoclave.
  • Length 127mm


Which Vetus Tweezers Should I Choose?

Can't decide which type of Vetus lash tweezers are best for you?

Vetus ESD - Best Value! Anti Static black coating greatly reduces annoying lash cling (that's where static charge on the tweezer makes the lash extension cling or "stick" to the side of the tweezer tips). Black coating also won't reflect your lash lamp into your eyes. Durable finish but can be scratched.

Vetus ST - Great Price & More Durable Finish. Stainless steel finish looks great and is highly durable. Hard to scratch and won't rust or corrode after years of use. Hardness rating of 40HRC means the tweezer tips stay straight for longer.

Vetus SA - Higher Precision & Stainless Steel Quality. Finished to a higher standard than ESD or ST means even better grip and pickup. Highly durable finish is hard to scratch and won't rust or corrode. Non glare finish won't reflect your lash lamp into your eyes. Hardness rating of 43HRC is the highest Vetus make and means the tweezer tips stay straight for even longer.

Vetus MCS - The Highest Quality Vetus Tweezers. Improved pickup, higher precision tips and a lighter feel in your hand when squeezing. Available in unique colour finishes such as Gold Chrome and Rainbow Chrome. Includes a durable storage tube to protect your tweezers.

Why Choose Vetus?

Join thousands of lash professionals around the world and choose Vetus tweezers for Swiss precision and all day comfort at an affordable price.

Lash Pro NZ is proud to offer New Zealand's largest range of Vetus tweezers including Vetus ESD, Vetus ST, Vetus SA & Vetus MCS.

Note: All our VETUS tweezers are genuine and ship to you in full retail packaging. Unfortunately 
there are many low quality VETUS knock offs sold in NZ which are shipped without retail packaging with claims such as "reducing postage costs".

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