Easy Fan Volume Lashes - D Curl (Mixed)

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If You Love Perfect Silk Lashes by Beauti then you'll be blown away by these Easy Fan Volume Lashes!

Special Easy Fan Backing Tape - These self fanning volume lashes are a breeze to work with. The bases stay together nicely so you can pinch perfect volume fans every time.

Premium Korean PBT Silk for beautifully soft, semi gloss eyelash extensions with a stunning tapered tip. Gorgeous deep black finish even in direct sunlight.

Mixed Length Trays - Lengths include 9mm(1), 10mm(2), 11mm(2), 12mm(3), 13mm(2), 14mm(1), 15mm(1). 

Unique Heat Treatment Technique means these lashes keep their curl even longer. Durable Korean materials ensure a strong and long lasting bond.

Frustration Free Lashing - We've printed the lash length on both ends of every strip so you know the exact lash length at a glance even after cutting a row in half. 

Cruelty Free & Vegan Approved - No furry critters were harmed in the making of these soft and silky eyelash trays. 

Curl D - Our most pronounced curl for that glamorous look, perfect for special occasions.
Lines 12 Lines per tray 
Thickness 0.03 / 0.05 / 0.07
Length Each Mixed tray contains: 9mm(1), 10mm(2), 11mm(2), 12mm(3), 13mm(2), 14mm(1), 15mm(1)
Colour Jet Black (no blue hue)

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JulieAnn P.
My easy fan volume lash s C Curl mixed

Really easy to pick up and fan exactly how i like. Love the little gift each parcel thanks lash pro!