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Makeup Brush Spinning Cleaner

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Fast & Easy Makeup Brush Cleaning Without Damage

Don't put off cleaning your makeup brush collection any longer.

  • Faster & Easier Than Cleaning By Hand - Let this electric makeup brush cleaner spin your makeup brushes clean and dry, saving you precious time and effort.
  • No Damage Cleaning - Makeup brush cleaning mats can damage and kink the soft bristles. This makeup brush cleaning machine spins your brush in a bowl of water and then spins the brush dry in the air, kink and damage free!
  • Only 15 Seconds Per Brush - The average makeup brush takes just 10 seconds to clean and another 5 seconds to air dry.
  • Includes 8 Rubber Gasket Sizes to fit makeup brush handles from tiny to big.
  • Includes Storage Stand for tidy storage between uses. Keeps all the rubber gaskets in one easy to reach place.

What's Included:

  • 1x Makeup Brush Spinner
  • 1x Plastic Connector (joins Rubber Gaskets to Makeup Brush Spinner)
  • 8x Rubber Gaskets (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm)
  • Cleaning Bowl
  • Storage Stand

You will need 2x AAA batteries, cleaning liquid (baby shampoo or dishwashing soap works great) and clean water.

How To Use:

  1. Press plastic connector firmly into top of makeup brush spinner.
  2. Choose a rubber gasket with a snug fit to your makeup brush handle.
  3. Half fill cleaning bowl with water. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo.
  4. Place brush head in water and turn on makeup brush cleaner tool for 5-10 seconds to clean. If very dirty, replace the water and repeat.
  5. Move brush head up just above water and turn on for 5-10 seconds to dry.

Note: Brushes shown in photos are not included. Cleaning waterproof makeup off brushes using water is ineffective.

12 Month Warranty.

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