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Foaming Lash Cleanser - 60ml

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Gentle Foaming Cleanser Keeps Lash Extensions Clean & Improves Retention

Also available: Eyelash Extension Cleaning Kit

Greatly improve your lash retention with Lash Pro NZ's Foaming Lash Cleanser.

Our oil-free foaming eyelash extension shampoo will gently remove any eye makeup and natural oils from around the eyes and lashes.

This gives you a perfectly prepped surface for lashing, so you can wow your client with a stunning set that lasts even longer.

Perfect as a pre-application lash cleansing treatment or as an aftercare product you can sell to your customers.

  • Generous 60ml Bottle - Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free. Oil Free means there is no greasy residue left on the lashes giving you the best glue bond possible.
  • Not Too Thick, Not Too Runny - Stays on your lash shampoo brush yet is easy to work into your client's lashes.
  • Gentle Rose Scent - Not too strong, just enough to smell fabulous!
  • No Stinging or Burning - Get your client's lashes feeling clean and fresh without the irritation or redness caused by other lash shampoos.
  • Bulk Pricing Available - Sell to your clients for use at home and keep the profit for yourself.

Make more money from every lash appointment AND help keep your client's natural lashes clean and healthy while also dramatically improving lash extension retention. Yay!

Bulk Pricing:
(Profit if each bottle is sold for our recommended $26.95)

Quantity Price (each) Your Total Profit
1 Pack $19.90 $7
5 Pack $14.91 $60
10 Pack $12.90 $140

Directions for Home Use:

  1. Clients should wait at least 24 hours after lash appointment before using foaming lash shampoo.
  2. Apply 1-2 pumps onto a lash shampoo brush then gently work the brush downwards through the lashes.
  3. After cleansing we recommend thoroughly rinsing the lashes with clean water either in the shower or use a lash rinse bottle.
  4. Repeat every few days for best results.

Ingredients: See image #3.

Bottle size: 60ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chelsea B.
Lash shampoo amazing

It amazing thankyou so much and very fast shiping


Great product


Always purchasing this product. I've got it in my eye do many times and this product has never irritated, stung or harmed my eyes. I like that you can use it to clean around your eyes and in your eye lids as well. Cleans my lash extensions really well.

Elizabeth L.
Holy Grail!

This product is a literal lifesaver! Easy to use, pumps out enough foam cleanser & nice packaging. Fast processing, shipping & delivery too!

Nicola L.
Foaming lash cleaner

This is fantastic. Used to have left over makeup on lashes. I use this everyday. It’s amazing