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Eye Pads - Curved Foam

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Foam Eyepads With Great Hold & Stick

Each pouch contains 2 under eye pads for eyelash extensions (1 Pair).

What's the Difference Between Black & Pink Pouches?

Pink Pouch: White eyepads, slighty bigger, less curved, backing paper is same shape as eyepad.

Black Pouch: Off white eyepads, slightly smaller, stronger curve, large square packing sheet is easier to remove.

Same ingredients and stick for both types.


Great Stick - These lash eye pads are sticky enough so they won't move or peel off even on movers and talkers.

Unique Shape - Follows the contours around the eye for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Compact Size - Some lash techs prefer these smaller under eye pads as they aren't as bulky or inconvenient for clients as full size under eye pads for lash extensions.

Perfect For Sensitive Clients - These eye pads contain only 5 low irritation ingredients making them ideal for clients with sensitive skin.

Protects Skin From Tweezers - These foam eyepads are thicker than typical under eye pads for eyelash extensions. Now you can focus on applying lashes without worrying about accidentally poking your client with your tweezer tips.


Pro Tip #1: If you find them a little small or stiff compared to hydrogel under eye pads you can pinch each end of the eye pad and gently stretch them out. This makes them curve to the shape of the eye even better.

Pro Tip #2: If needed you can reduce the tackiness of the eyepads by first applying to the back of your hand.

Pro Tip #3: When removing the eye pads it helps to hold your client's skin taut with your other hand to minimise any discomfort or pulling on the skin.

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