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Nano Mister - USB Rechargeable

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Give Your Clients A Soothing & Relaxing Experience

A nano mister is a great way to reduce eye watering from lash glue fumes.

Simply turn it on and the tiny water droplets will gently soothe any stinging. irritation or redness caused by the fumes.

Great for clients or lash techs with sensitive eyes.

It's also perfect for giving your clients a blissful end to their lash appointment.

Pro TIp: For a beautifully refreshing scent, add a few drops of rose water to the nano mister water tank. Your clients will love it!

  • Easy to store due to it's compact size.
  • The large power button makes it easy to use with one hand.
  • Built in battery recharges quickly (fully charged in around 2 hours).
  • USB charging cable included
  • Large water tank means more time spent lashing clients and less time wasted refilling your nano mister.

Why Use A Nano Mister For Lashing?

  • The tiny water droplets instantly cure your lash adhesive
  • Increases retention by improving lash extension adhesion
  • Reduces client skin irritation due to lash fumes
  • Hydrates dry skin and soothes the eye area

How To Use:

  1. Charge your nano mister with the included USB cable for approx 2 hours.
  2. Fill the tank with water (see photos).
  3. Hold the nano mister 20 - 30 cm away from your client's face, turn it on and move it around your client's face in a U shape to apply mist evenly to the face. Eyes can be open or closed.

How Does A Nano Mister Reduce Lash Adhesive Curing TIme?

Your favorite lash extension glue cures by absorbing moisture in the air (humidity).

When you use a nano mister to spray a very fine water mist over the curing lash glue it "feeds" this curing glue.

This greatly reduces the normal curing time yet avoids getting the lashes wet since the water droplets are so small.

The new lash extensions remain perfectly isolated and any stinging, irritation or redness from glue fumes is significantly reduced.


To keep your nano mister working like new:

  • Empty the water tank at the end of each work day and allow to air dry.
  • Fill with fresh distilled water.
  • Recharge the battery when needed and avoid leaving the battery empty for long periods of time.
  • Regularly clean the water tank with water and a drop of dish soap.

12 Month Warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nanomister Pink Crystal

I only used it once since Purchase because everytime I try to use after charging its dead already!! It could be that I got the Faulty one out of all the great ones.

Hi Riini,

Sorry to hear your nano mister isn't working as it should. We've despatched a replacement nano mister which you should receive tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Team Lash Pro NZ

Teresa R.
Nano mist

Product works great very happy with my purchase

sarah s.

i love this so cute

Im obsessed

This nano mister is so cheap, easy to use and very pretty. It goes with the theme of my room! The rechargeable battery is essential for me as i hate batteries going flat or changing them out all the time. Would recommend!

lara g.
Nano mist

I love it!!! Definitely think that every lash technician needs a nano mist in their life 🤩